Solar Plexus Activation €10,00


This Activation helps to empower you. To reach out more easily to others. With an open heart, free and independed.

I Am Activation (3rd Chakra) - € 10,00

Your soul becomes visible. Your higher self becomes, as it were, the captain of your ship. The soul can only function / thrive in love, in the soft energy of being, carried by the earth (the first three activations). 

These are the three conditions for the soul to emerge. Therefore, this is the fourth activation, after the Heart Activation, the Basic Activation and the Mary Magdalene Activation.

With this Activation, your I Am is empowered. Not from the ego, but from the soul. Your true self may emerge and be exposed. The One you really are may be activated. From I love, carried by the earth, from the feminine being energy, your I AM may appear strongly. 

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