Mastery Activation €20


The Mastery Activation will activate your hara. This is located about 4 inches below your belly button. It is the center of your being. The center of the universe, where everything revolves. Here is your resting point, the eye of the hurricane, the void, the nothing ... With this Activation, the void within you is activated, in order to attain true Mastership.

Activation of the Hara (the void) - €20,00

The hara is nothing and therefore everything at the same time. When the emptiness in the hara is activated, it can be filled with divine inspiration, with creativity and impulses from the soul. When this is expressed, the hara will return to the void, waiting in rest for subsequent moments of inspiration.

The hara is the original leap of true mastery. To be at rest and to remain at rest, until the moment that the Hara gets impulses to take action. With this Activation, true mastery is blessed.

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