en-Maria Magdalena Activatie €10,00


Activation second chakra
(female being chakra) - €10,00

For centuries people have been looking for the Holy Grail, the cup that symbolizes the feminine aspect in ourselves and in the world. 2000 Years ago, the existance of Mary Magdalene was reduced to this symbolic object. Partly because of this, the active male energy was able to dominate on earth for centuries. The female aspect of life was buried under thick layers of dust.

Activation Female Being energy (2nd Chakra) 

In this time of transformation the feminine energy will return in our lives. We start to listen again to our inner voice (feelings and intuition).

This activation will strengthen and anchor the feminine Being energy in everyone. The male Do-energy will be in balance with the gentle feminine Being energy. Yin and Yang.

You will be more at rest. The ego's power over your life will diminish, allowing you to live more confidently and surrendered. Partly because of this, your spiritual development gets an impulse.

This activation is for women AND men!

Activating the feminine energy is a prerequisite for awakening and being ready to move into the new age. Below you can buy the Activation and pay via iDEAL or Paypal. The download will be available immediately after payment.

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