The Crown Activation €10,00


With the Crown Activation, your connection with the Divine source is restored, so that you can return to the original state of being. This is an important activation in the new age: bring your spark of God to life.

Activation 7th chakra - €10,00

The crown is not only the point of contact with the higher, the divine, with the origin, but the crown chakra is also the instrument to bring us back to the primordial state of Being, with all 13 strands of DNA fully active. With the opening of the crown, the foundation is laid to activate the 13th DNA strand in humans, allowing the primordial blueprint of humans to return to everyone's being.

By opening and activating the crown a new process can be started. Depending on everyone's process of awakening and degree of inner growth, man will slowly but surely be able to transform into the One, God / Goddess / Allah / the Source.

The Activation will fill you with divine light. This strengthens the connection with the divine, the connection to the source, the All That Is. The more you undergo the Activation, the stronger the connection with your God-Being.

You are not meant to understand this entire process of transformation exactly with the mind. The main thing is an open heart, because the basis of opening the crown is love and gentleness. The crown can only be opened when the heart is soft and open.

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