The Third Eye Activation €10,00


This Activation strengthens communication with the soul (intuition) and opens the gate to the spiritual reality. The Activation of the third eye is the start of your ascension process.

Activation 6th Chakra - €10,00

The third eye is the pineal gland, also called the epiphysis. It has the shape of a pinecone and is located in the center of the head between the two hemispheres of the brain. The pineal gland shriveled after the age of 7, because we do not use it. This gives us the opportunity to completely get used to the material life on earth. When we have become accustomed to the material, we can restore the connection with the spiritual reality, the reality that was hidden behind thick veils for centuries.

Activating the third eye, just like activating the heart, has an important function. With the opening of the heart the connection with the soul is made, with the activation of the third eye the soul is given the opportunity to communicate directly with his or her embodiment on earth. This is our intuition.

The activation of the third eye also opens the gate to higher realities. It also strengthening our contact with the spirit world. With this activation, the actual ascension begins. This is the moment of actual awakening; feeling and knowing that there is more between heaven and earth. 

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