Activation first chakra €10,00


Activation first Chakra - €10,00

This energy-transmission activates the first chakra: the basis of existence on earth. It is also the chakra that is fed from Mother Earth. With this Activation the connection with Mother Earth will also be restored. This is to form a solid foundation from which further growth is possible.

This is the second activation, after the Heart Activation. First your base needs to be restored, with yourself and with mother earth. With this solid foundation, you are ready for the other activations.

Mother Earth is happy with the reconnection. We were disconnected due to all technologies after the industrial revolution. With the introduction of all technologies most of humanity has lost contact with Mother Earth. All energy has gone up to the head. This energy may be pulled down again, to become whole again.  To get into balance, get out of the head and return to the body with both feet firmly on the ground.

This activation is intended for people who are in their head and have lost the feeling with their body. But also for spiritual people who focus their attention upwards, to the higher and thereby also have lost contact with mother earth.

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