en-Activatie pakket €50,00


The package consists of the 7 Activations:


This Activation opens your heart, through which love flows; love for yourself, for your loved ones and for everything that lives. The Activation helps you deal with yourself and others in a more loving and gentle way.

This Activation strengthens communication with the soul (intuition) and opens the gate to the spiritual reality. The Activation of the third eye is the start of your ascension process.

With the Crown Activation, your connection with the Divine source is restored, so that you can return to the original state of being. This is an important activation in the new age: bring your spark of God to life.

The Mastery Activation will activate your hara. This is located about 4 inches below your belly button. It is the center of your being. The center of the universe, where everything revolves. Here is your resting point, the eye of the hurricane, the void, the nothing ... With this Activation, the void within you is activated, in order to attain...

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