Heart Activation

Heart Activation - FREE

This Activation opens your heart, to let love flow; love for yourself, for your loved ones and for everything that lives. The Activation helps you to treat yourself and others in a more loving and gentle way.

Opening your heart is the basis for a new life on earth. If you open your heart and let love flow, the reality in and around you will change to a higher consciousness.

More flow and inspiration
With the Heart Activation the connection with your soul is restored. This allows you to live more in confidence and surrender. The more the soul can settle down in your system, the more you get into the flow of life and can do the things for which you came to earth.

The Heart Activation is the crowning of what you have already achieved, but above all it is the beginning of a new life, a life from the heart and no longer from the head (mind) or belly (emotions).

A foundation is laid for an enlightened life, a life in love and harmony, in yourself and between you and your environment. You will be more at rest and easier and faster to reach the silence within yourself. An inner peace will be with you.

The most beautiful of the highest is waiting for you once the soul is one with you. But we are not there yet. With the Activation you can grow further into the light and your soul will settle more and more into your being.

The Activation of the Heart is the start of a new journey, a journey of discovery to the light at a higher level.

Energized silence
The Activation is available as MP3 in the form of energized silence. It is easy to play on your computer, telephone or tablet. Know: it's about energy: you don't hear anything. It takes approximately 10 minutes. It starts with a bell and ends with a bell. 

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After ordering, the MP3 energy transmission is immediately available for download.