The secret of 5D

The secret of 5D

The dimension of all or nothing

What can we expect to happen in the year 2020? The expectations of people who believe in a new age of enlightenment are high. It will be the year of a major turnaround. We say goodbye to the old life in darkness and enter a era of light and love. We start creating a life from the heart and soul, living in the flow, experience abundance, miracles and magic. The year in which we reunite with the light masters and representatives of other star nations. 

At least, if we believe all the stories, predictions and channelings of the past months. But is this really the case? Are the expectations come true? I'm not convinced. Before we can enter a new life in light and love, we have te meet the biggest challenge ever: saying goodbye to our old self.

The 3rd dimension: heavy life lessons
To understand this, we have to look at the bigger picture. What is the meaning of life? Learn from life! From the unity in the divine source to the duality on earth and back again. A journey full of challenging life lessons. We now life on planet Earth in the 3rd dimension, far away from the source. A low dimension, where the energy vibration is low and the shape is fixed, where the life lessons are often painful.

The 4th dimension: period of healing
Because we have had enough hard lessons in duality, Mother Earth has moved up to the 4th dimension. People woke up and start remembering the spiritual life behind the veils. They also started working on themselves. The high energy vibration challenges our old beliefs and unresolved pain. It was and it still is an intense time of healing. These people are the lightworkers: those who came to Earth with all their experience, to assist the planet and humanity in the great enlightenment process that is going on.

The 5th dimension
In recent months, the Earth has continued to rise in vibration and has reached the 5th dimension. The big question is: what can we expect here? Is this already the dimension in which we will build a loving life from our healed heart? In which we create a paradise with the help of our wise and powerful soul? Is this already the dimension where miracles are no longer miracles but normal things? Where we can express our deepest desires? Where we are free and equal, where we live in peace and work together? 

Or not? As I wrote before, a huge challenge awaits us. One that might be less pleasant...

Is the 5th dimension all or nothing? To answer this question, we have to look at the past. How did we descend into the dimensions, so that we could eventually experience the heavy lessons in the duality of 3D? On our journey downwards we also passed 5D. What happened at that time?

From the divine source to 3D
With the Big Bang our soul has sprung from the divine source. A long, long journey began, through the dimensions, along worlds of all shapes and sizes, in which we received lots of different lessons. All intended to become aware of the wisdom, strength and love that we potentially carry with us. All intended to discover, develop and integrate unknown sides of ourselves into the whole.

Slowly but surely our soul sank into the dimensions. The energy vibration became lower, the shape firmer, the lessons harder. At some point we start blaming God for the painful exepriences. We pulled our hand out of his hand. The connection with the divine source was gone, the umbilical cord was cut: the separation from the divine unity was a fact. 

We end up in the void: 5D. There was no longer divine guidance, no natural security, no loving presence. We were on our own, alone in the darkness of ignorance and pain.

Our lower self
In the void of 5D we developed our lower self, needed to create a 3D world of duality. There was nothing in the void, nothing happened, we were all alone. We got scared and start feeling the need for control. We build a control mechanism: our ego. We start competing and fighting each other. We created a world of contradictions and struggles, necessarry to develop our emotional side. 

Our ego encourages us to great achievements, to gain the attention and admiration of others, so that we no longer had to feel the terrible emptiness that God had left in us.

Turning point in time

Now we have reached an important turning point in time: we have had enough lessons in duality. We may begin the journey back to the divine source. A long, long journey from 3D, via 4D to 5D and via 6D to 7D and beyond. 

The energy vibration is allready 5D now. Now the material life has to follow. This means that the large structures from 3D, built with the heavy energy of duality, will collapse. For instance politics and the economy. But also our old life will disappear, the life that we have built with the help of our lower self.

No initiative of our ego, our human will, our emotions, our lust will flourish in a constructive way. They are doomed to fail. In order to open our eyes to the time in which we live: the end time of our old life, the transition to a new life in the higher dimensions.

Say goodbye

Just as we developed our lower self in the void of 5D a long time ago, we now have to say goodbye to our lower self in 5D. 

Due to the lack of success, our lower aspects will have to cease one by one. With each farewell more space is created for the power of our heart and soul, aspects of our higher self. The ego will no longer directs our unique personality, but our soul will. Our own interest is no longer leading, but the public interest. The soul that serves the will of God, not the human desires. We will start working together, in an open, honest and respectful way.

We get this done as soon as we put our hand back in the hand of God. We are able to do this, not only by reaching out to the light, but also by feeling the intense pain on Earth. Those who can accept pain as part of life, restore the connection with God. 

What does this mean in concrete terms? How will our tour through 5D go?
In 4D we cleaned up our past. We have said goodbye to old, limited beliefs, we have healed old, unresolved pain. We became lighter and were able to enter 5D at the beginning of this year. Full of longing for the new time that awaits us, a time of flow, abundance and magic. The fire of longing was activated by the channeled messages that confirmed our hopes.

But is this really the case? Or are we being fooled? Misled maybe? Everyone can determine this for himself. 

Who wants to continue to believe in the fairy tale of 5D, fine. Anyone who understands that we have been deliberately misled, is also good. The choice, the insight, your reality is up to you ...

The big disappointment
I belong to the second group. Of those who understand that 5D is not yet the promised paradise. That we first have to get rid of our lower self, before we can enter the world of our higher self. And how do we enter 5D? Disappointment! Disappointment is necessary to get into the void. 

Anyone who realizes with a shock that we have been completely misguided, disconnects from his soul. The soul that moves to the end of the void and waits patiently until its embodiment is ready to carry the wisdom, strength and love of the soul.

Alone in the void
The feeling of emptiness in us will return. There is no place for the soul. Action is no longer reaction. Everything we do is doomed to fail, all our wishes remain unanswered. Until the fire of our human will is completely extinguished. Also, little comes our way. We can use this time to integrate the returned feminine energy into our system. No longer living or surviving from the stressed male energy, but living harmoniously in total balance.

Transform fear into confidence
And then fear, the breeding ground of our ego. In order to say goodbye to the ego, we have to transform fear into confidence. 

This can only be done by stimulating the fear in us. And that requires disasters, including the spread of the Corona virus and the rollout of 5G. 

These things scare us. Do we get sick, are we going to die? Will we be controlled by others with evil intentions? Have we lost our freedom forever? Questions that are felt throughout our whole body. We feel anger and injustice, but what can we do? Those who protest openly run the risk of being crushed by the system.

From caterpillar to butterfly
We live in the void of 5D, where we cannot achieve anything in the outside world, where we have the opportunity to transform within. Compare this process to a caterpillar that needs a cocoon to transform into a butterfly. A butterfly that has to free itself, to get strong wings, necessary to fly to a life of peace and freedom. A place where the soul waits...

Use the current chaos on Earth to clean yourself inside and out. Say goodbye to all your aspects that no longer serve you on your journey through the higher dimensions. Say farewell to your lower self. 

How? By no longer responding to the impulses of the ego, by letting go of human desires, by transforming lust into love, by letting go of emotions. Use the pain you feel to restore the connection with God. Accept pain as a part of life. Stop thinking in good and evil, light and dark. It is all meant to develop our consciousness, the "good" and the "bad". It is good as it is, everything serves a purpose. Use the void to see and feel this.

Resignation and acceptance
Accept the void you are in. It's your fate right now. Trust, resignation and acceptance help you through 5D. They make this hard journey bearable.

Recognize that the emptiness is an essential part of your total life journey, a challenge you have to meet one day.

Those who cannot yet say goodbye to the sense of injustice, who cannot transform their anger into acceptance, will probably draw their sword and go to war. The journey becomes a real drama, with an uncertain end. Those who cannot transform their anxious feelings and thoughts into confidence, will put their fate in the hands of the dark power. These people have to wait for the next moment in time, where they will have the opportunity to liberate and enlighten themselves.

The divine plan
Our entire development is planned. In Gods masterplan for us there are no open ends, no uncertainties, no faillures. This also applies to our awakenings process. The disasters have been carefully prepared and have now been put into operation. Everything meant to shake you up, to heal you and break your lower self down. So you can be rebuild according to the principles of the divine life: unity and harmony.

The 6th dimension
After the period of emptiness, we start in 6D with our new possibilities and skills, possibilities and skills of our higher self, which have been forgotten by the dark of 3D. First of all, the lightworkers will go through this process. As soon as they let go of their lower state of being, they can share their light with others in a state of love, neutrality and wonder. Service as the highest good, living in the service of God.

After the void in 5D our personal will no longer be done, but Gods will. For now and ever. Amen!

Ismael Sananda

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