The Sacred Love between twin souls

The sacred love between twin souls

Did you ever dream about meeting someone who loves you unconditionally and who accepts you just the way you are? In this moment in time the chance to meet your twin soul is greater than ever. What should we expect? A sweet romance forever, or a relationship just like any other with good times and bad times?

We are physical expressions of our soul and live on planet earth to experience duality. This is impossible in the heavenly realms full of light and love. Because of the absence of a strong sense of unity on earth, we feel lonely and unhappy. To deal with these nasty feelings, we develop an ego, which tells us that we're stronger, better and wiser than others. Thanks to our competitive ego, we create a world full of contradictions and conflicts, a world full of duality.

To be able to live in a world full of tensions, the soul has to split herself into a male and female part. Both parts face countless challenges in many earthly lives. The female part of the soul mostly incarnates as a woman, the male part mostly as a man. After they both have experienced enough duality, they recognize each other as their counterpart. This encounter gives their renewed sense of unity an enormous impulse. The loving fusion between the female and male part means a journey back into the light, back to a life in love and harmony.

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We are living in a special time; we've experienced the dark and dual site of life enough. The light is returning on earth. Thanks to the light our consiousness grows; we will remember who we really are: an expression of our soul. When we say goodbye to our life in darkness and embrace the light in every aspect of ourselves, an engagement with our twin soul is likely to take place. This engagement feels like coming home, a feeling of complete acceptance and love. Both parts are attracted to each other like magnets. The renewed acquaintance is not accidental, it's meant to return into a life in unity.

The attraction to the twin soul shouldn't be confused with the attraction to other members of the soul family. The soul doesn't stand alone, she's part of a close family. Someone who has a special meaning in our life, positive or negative, can be an embodyment of a soul from the soul family. Those people often make big impressions on us. Positive by loving and helping us, negative by fighting and challenging us. Before we incarnate, the roles are distributed among the soul relatives, so that the desired experiences will take place on earth.

The renewed acquaintance with our twin soul never remains without consequences. The desire to be together is so great, that everyone and everything that stands in the way must step aside. Because of the huge impact, the encounter takes place only when we've lit the light in ourselves and brought our different parts to a certain level in balance. We stand firm when we take responsibility for our lives and stop pointing our finger to others. We start shining when we heal the black spots in ourselves and let go of our ego.

The first months after the encounter are overwhelming. The twin souls are floating on pink clouds of love and happiness. But after a while the first tensions occur. The high energy that emerges from the fusion, especially by making love, detaches the deepest pain still hidden in their systems. Thanks to their experience with lightwork, they quickly realize what the conflict is about and how to solve the problem. A quarrel is quickly settled and always yields new insights. After the deepest traumas are healed, the relationship becomes more stable. This proces of bringing the female and male energy in balance (in each part and between the parts) often takes years and is accomplished in relative solitude.

There is a huge physical attraction between the two parts. The need to make love is immense. Sex without guilt, shame and regret is the highway to the light. Uninhibited sex is not only a strong medicine against deeply hidden traumas, it also tears down the influence of obstructive social norms and values. Holy sex is a great way to feel completely free and move to a boundless life in love and harmony. As twin souls beget a child, we speak of an immaculate conception: the child is conceived without ballast, like old traumas and karma. He or she will become a shining pillar of light for his or her environment.

The encounter with the twin soul is not the final goal in our life, it's a powerful tool for healing ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to get in balance and become one again. This proces is comparible with the transformation of caterpillars in butterflys. We fly out of the cocoon after we enter the state of oneness. Due to this high state of being we can bring harmony in our lives, for example in the relationships with others. But the encounter also has a higher meaning; it makes the unification of the seperated souls in the higher spheres possible. This is called the sacred marriage. The soul will be one again, after their embodiments unite on earth.

In a twin soul relationship there is no room for dependence, hiding and dishonesty. Each part remains responsible for his own actions. Hiding behind the back of our partner isn't possible; each part must face his own challenges. And due to the powerful light, lying and cheating will not succeed. Every unevenness comes immediately to the surface. Not for punishment, but to give the responsible person the change to heal the cause. A harmonious cooperation between the two parts will be realized, because of the absence of a jealous, angry or scared ego. They both give each other space needed for an optimal use of their talents.

The storm of change is raging over the earth. We're about to make a big shift from a life in darkness and duality to a life in light and harmony. At this point in time, the chance of meeting our twin soul is considerable. First of all, it's a gift for the transformation work we've allready done. Secondly, it's a challenge to roll up our sleeves even more and start creating a new life, a life in love and harmony. We become creators of the new world by opening our eyes and exposing the sense of unity within, a proces that gets a big boost by meeting the one with who we share the sacred love: our twin soul.

In endless admiration for my twin soul,
Ismaël Sananda

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