The power of forgiveness and gratitude

The power of forgiveness and gratitude

When we look at the recent events on earth, we are surprised. Despite the fact that a lot of people allready life in light, darkness still exists on a large scale. Rich people are getting richer, fighters still fighting on. How can we handle this, what can we do? Do we need to take action and figth the dark forces, or is there another way? One that is less obvious, one we have to teach ourselves again. This story is a plea for the power of forgiveness and gratitude. A force that is released when we look at the broad context of life.

One day God called for his children and said: 'Beloved children of the sun, a great adventure lies ahead of you.'

God's children were surprised and asked him for an explanation. God continued:

'You are me and I am you and together we create our life with the love from our hearts. But there is also a life without me, a life that is not created with love.'

A life without God, a life without love? Impossible, that must be a joke. They cheerfully laughed at each other.

When peace returned, God cleared his throat and said: 'No, dear children, it is true. There is a life without light, a life in which people wander around in darkness.'

They stared at each other in great disbelief. A life in darkness?

'Exactly', God said, 'only by experiencing it you will know. It's the other side of life, a side that soon will be revealed to you.'

A man called out: 'But how can we life without you. We are you. Everything we do, breathes your love. It is impossible.'

God said: 'It is possible. I can break the connection between us, I can turn the light out and stop the flow of love.'

'Never', cried a woman, 'the band between us will never be broken. We are one.' Her firm reaction caused an uproar. The people stood up and started to shout at each other. God left his children alone. The days that followed God's message was the call of the day. Slowly their anger turned into curiosity. A life without God ...

One morning they woke up. The light was gone and their memory was vanished. They were scared to death. Afraid of the unknown, they started to fear each other and themselves. Due to their fear, the need to control became stronger each day. Individual freedom was subordinated to the social norms and values. The distinction between good and evil was born, formulated in laws and regulations, which were enforced stricktly. People who had different opinions, were ignored, imprisoned or killed.

To secure their existence, they took possession of everything. They started to draw imaginary lines in the earth and called themselves owners. They worked hard and begun to trade their products for other goods and services. Money was invented to simplify this process of trading. In no time, nothing was for free anymore. Getting rich became the main motive for living. In order to increase their possessions, they built strong armies and went to war quite often.

Afraid of the unknown, they tried to explane life with their minds. Numerous hypotheses were tested. When the assumption passed the test, it was true, when it failed the test, it was not true. What couldn't be proven, simply didn't exist.

Despite all their efforts, the fear remained and despite all their victories, they felt unhappy deep down inside. To suppress these nasty feelings they sought distraction continiously. Even rare moments of silence were filled with raw sounds and flashing images from radio and television. Also the computer, with its numerous possibilities, took a lot of precious time. When these distractions worked insufficiently, they took pills and drank alcohol to suppress the feelings of fear and unhappiness.

At some point in time a small group of people became sick and tired of the turmoil in the outside world. They turned their focus on the inside world. And they discovered a great secret. In their inner silence, they heard a voice that sound familiair. It was the voice of ... God.

A memory awoke, a memory of a life in light. Due to their renewed relationship with God, their fear and discontent almost disappeared immediately.

They shared their secret with others, but only a few people were interested. The enlightened brothers and sisters were ignored or ridiculed by the mass. They confronted God with their disappointment and asked for advice. And God taught them the power of forgiveness. He said:

'Open your heart and forgive those who are not yet awakened. Forgiveness will allow my love to flow over the surface of the earth. The love that will affect everything and everybody. The love that will open the eyes and ears of every one, the love that makes a unity in diversity.'

After these comforting words the enlightened brothers and sisters were full of good spirits. God had given them the key to a harmonious life, a life which they desired so much. They told their truth to anyone who would listen. Despite their loving intentions, the result was disappointing. The dark forces raged over the earth as never before. Again they asked God for advice. And he taught them the power of gratitude. He said:

'Open your hearts even more and be grateful for the experiences that are crossing your path, they are increasing your understanding of life even more. Without these experiences you would still be living in ignorance. Also be grateful for the challenge you are facing right now: helping the light to return on earth. To achieve this, all the darkness must be made visible. This is causing the chaotic situation right now. The turbulence is necessary for the people to heal their pain and to let go of the need to control. When they find out that old pain can be healed and that control isn't essential for a happy life, they will return to a life in light. This process of enlightenment is supported by to the power of forgiveness and gratitude.'

The children of the sun looked at each other and knew they were facing probably the biggest challenge of their lives ...

Ismaël Sananda

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