The Healing Journey

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The Healing Journey

In order to go along with the higher energy vibrations of life on earth, we need to regain the love for ourselves, the other person and everything that lives. As a result, we will make constructive contributions to life on earth instead of destructive contributions. We find love by healing ourselves. Healing means that we clear the blocks between our lower self (ego) and higher self (soul). Thus the warring ego loses its grip on our lives and the loving soul is given plenty of space to assert its wisdom, strength and love.

The awakening process in which humanity now finds itself is a process of awakening and healing. Be aware that it can be done differently, live with heart and soul, and heal blockages that stand in the way of contact with the soul. This article focuses on the healing of blockades, so that we can contribute heart and soul to a loving and harmonious life.

Life as a learning process
Life is a great learning process; we learn by taking up the challenges life presents. Those challenges are the situations we find ourselves in. How can we learn from it, how can we increase our wisdom, strength, and love after every event in our lives?

What is healing?
Events in our lives can shape or disfigure us; it can make us stronger or weaker. Whether they shape or deform us depends on how we deal with it, how we respond to the events in our lives. When we respond appropriately, we strengthen contact with our soul and become wiser, more powerful, and more loving. If we do not respond appropriately, we block contact with our true loving nature. Healing is designed to solve past deformities, giving our soul the space to assert itself in our lives.

Respond positively
Responding positively to events in our lives is making a constructive contribution to the situation; we contribute to the solution. Reacting negatively is making a destructive contribution; the solution gets out of sight. We will make positive contributions if we are willing to learn from the situations we find ourselves in. We are willing to learn if we are convinced that events are not harassment but important learning moments. They challenge us to discover and develop unknown sides in ourselves. This will only work if we take our responsibility and look critically at our share of situations. If we do not take our responsibility and blame others, the learning and growth moments pass us by.

Hold up a mirror
By pointing our finger at ourselves, we learn to see and understand our part in events. Why did I behave the way I behaved and what is my behavior based on? In order to answer those important questions, we have to hold up a mirror to ourselves, a mirror in which all aspects of ourselves are visible. If we want to make a positive contribution next time, we must not only look at our beautiful sides, but also at our less attractive sides. Only an honest and sincere look in the mirror brings healing, through which we can restore contact with the soul.

Shadow sides in the light
If we want to heal ourselves and restore contact with the soul, we must put our shadow sides in the light, that is, recognize that the good and the bad are in ourselves and not the good in me and the bad in the other. I too am angry, grumpy, scared or dishonest at times. By looking honestly at ourselves and honestly acknowledging that we too go overboard, the influence of our shadow side on our behavior automatically diminishes. By denying our less attractive sides, we spin a web full of lies and deception, in which we become increasingly stuck.

Unprocessed events
Negative or destructive responses to events in our lives arise from past deformities, from events that we have not properly processed. Those unprocessed events are too fast for our loving qualities of the soul; we respond to the situations in our lives out of anger, fear or sadness and not out of our wisdom, strength and love. If we want to restore the connection with our soul and create a harmonious world, we need to heal the old wounds, the source of our angry, anxious and sad feelings, thoughts and actions.

What should we heal?
When we look at ourselves with an open and honest view, we see multiple facets of ourselves. In addition to our body and mind, we also have emotions, feelings, desires, spiritual needs, etc. Every facet can be deformed by unprocessed or half-processed events in the past. So every facet can lead to less attractive behavior. Why did I react angry, why did I have negative thoughts, why did I not feel well, why do I have an insatiable desire for money, why does God not see me, etc, etc. By healing the cause, the soul is given space to be constructive encourage behavior. If we do not heal the cause, then there remains so much negativity and unrest in our system that the soul has checked again and again.

Healing emotions
How can we heal our emotional blocks? Our emotions make us aware of the impact of events and we can learn from them. So they are not annoying or scary, they are an indispensable link in our learning process. Emotions are a response to events, in contrast to feelings, which are there and are not appropriate. Emotions challenge us to respond. But how? If we swallow emotions, they form blocks. If we express it, the energy continues to flow. So let them be there! But how is the next question. By short and short in anger, by crawling away in fear? These kinds of reactions do not solve anything, in fact, a chain reaction often starts. It gets from bad to worse.

The willingness to learn starts a positive development. Emotional responses point to old wounds, unprocessed early childhood or past life events. Old wounds, which we are often unaware of, cause similar events in our current life, giving us time and time again to heal the emotional wound.

Express the emotion first and then try to see why it affects you. Step aside for a moment and look objectively at the event and your reaction to it. Is there an agreement with other events and if so, what do they want to teach you? Unsympathetic bosses might challenge you to become more assertive, adulterous boyfriends might boost your self-esteem.

After expressing emotions, try to see every situation positively: what did it give you about yourself? And forgive the perpetrators; they have only pointed you to an old wound waiting for healing. By dealing with your emotions in a positive way, they will control your life less and less, giving the soul more space to take over the wheel of your life.

Not only emotional blocks are a major stumbling block to the contact with the soul, but also limited and wrong views about our body, mind and spirit block the way to our true loving nature.

Heal body
How can we heal physical blocks? The soul benefits from a strong and healthy body, because the body is the temple of our soul on earth. Without a powerful body, the soul cannot profile itself optimally. We obtain a strong body through a healthy lifestyle. If we fill ourselves up with unhealthy things, we load our body unilaterally, we do not respond to signals that our body sends, then we call off the problems about ourselves. We get sick or even die. Consciously deal with your body, find out what your body longs for, take the signals seriously, then physical blockages dissolve.

Healing thoughts
How can we heal mental blocks? Our head is full of restless and often negative thoughts. The question is how can we fill our heads with calm and positive thoughts, so that the soul can make itself heard? Our thoughts are the product of our input and beliefs. Less negative news and more positive news gives inspiring thoughts. Less input (so fewer external stimuli) creates peace, giving creative impulses from the soul space. By becoming aware of the influence of old and often other people's beliefs (life makes no sense and I am not worth it), we create space in our head for constructive thoughts (life is full of challenges and I am who I am).

Heal the mind
How can we heal spiritual blocks? Is life only matter, or is there also immaterial life? Denial of immaterial life forms a spiritual blockade; we overlook the signals we receive from the invisible world and we do not understand the deeper or higher meaning of events. But believing in an immaterial life is not enough. A misunderstanding of spiritual reality also creates blockades. If the spiritual life takes place outside ourselves (God in heaven) and if the spiritual life is contained in rules (the Ten Commandments), then we ignore the fact that we ourselves are creators of life on earth. We are God's hands and feet on earth, we further shape creation with the choices we make every day. If we want to see that God lives in us, not outside, and if we want to take responsibility for our behavior, then the spiritual blocks are removed and the soul can fully assert itself. What are useful aids in the healing process?

To give our soul space, we need to heal ourselves. This does not happen by itself, but only works if we pay attention to it. In other words, it is a process of becoming aware, of living consciously, of becoming who we really are. Turn off the autopilot in yourself. Do not make automatic decisions and regularly evaluate your contributions to life. Only if we are aware of our attitude to life and actions can we heal it.

Learn to trust the voice of the soul, or your intuition. Discover the pure and deep feeling behind all those other feelings that are aroused by thoughts, emotions, desires, etc. By healing negative thoughts and unprocessed pain from the past, this pure and deep feeling from the soul can come through completely. Intuition is the compass on which we can sail blindly towards the new earth.

Only at rest can we come to our pure feeling. We come to rest when we regularly shut ourselves off from external stimuli. No music, telephone, book, conversation or television. Do sit or lie with your eyes closed or walk in nature.

You can relax by regular absolute rest. Breathe in gently through the nose and out through the mouth. Walk all the muscles of your body, from your toes to the tip of the skull, and relax them one at a time. Feel your body getting heavy and warm. Delicious, you don't have to, everything is good.

You can also meditate by taking regular rest and relaxing. Your head can become completely empty in meditation (not a single thought), you can also connect in meditation, for example with the energy of the elements (water, earth, fire and air), or with the universe. relaxing and opening yourself up, you can consciously learn to connect with the immaterial world. Ask your guides and members of the soul family to be with you. Feel their loving presence. Ask for help with a problem or simply enjoy being together and exchanging energy.

All that lives is energy. The earth, stones, water, trees, animals, the universe, you name it. By expressing the intention to connect, an exchange of energy is established. By practicing you can consciously feel the energy and you know what it does to you. Some people can even see the energy.

Life is an initiation path. Therefore take the events in your life seriously, they give you the opportunity to grow. Know that your supervisors in the spheres do everything to give you the desired lessons and to assist you in processing them. Some examples:

* Limits
Your children continuously ask for attention, your partner constantly criticizes you, your colleagues interfere with your work, the neighbors regularly play too loud music. What is your response? I am pathetic and surrounded by annoying people. Or do I see an opportunity in all these events to finally draw boundaries. Apparently my soul wants to become more assertive in this life. Thank you 'burden suits'. Thank you colleagues.

* New house
The past two years I have been completely absorbed in building my new house. I went to bed with it and got up again. I put all my soul and bliss into it. I had not yet entered the dream house or the water pipe snapped ... Am I pathetic, do I have reason to stay angry with the mechanic for a long time? Or should I perhaps learn to spread my loving attention a little more and not just let my happiness depend on my palace? Thank you mechanic.

In order to participate in the great enlightenment process that is currently taking place on earth, we need to restore conscious contact with the soul. To restore the connection with the soul, we need to take events in our life seriously. By looking at the cause of our share in this, we can make a resolving and therefore loving contribution to the situation. The causes of breakdown responses are the old wounds awaiting healing, including emotional events, an unhealthy lifestyle, negative reading, viewing and listening, and limited views of the spiritual life.

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