The end of times is NOW

The biggest challenge ever

Corona and 5G from higher perspective

Our life is shaking on its foundations right now. Because of the fear for the Corona virus, we have lost much of our freedom. We are called upon to stay at home and, if we have to go out, keep an appropriate distance from one another. These measures have enormous psychological, emotional, social and economic consequences. What these effects will be, we have to find out in the near future. Our lives will never be the same. Maybe we have to install an app on our mobile phone that will follow us 24 hours a day. If we are unlucky, we have to stay at home for two weeks.

But there is more going on in our lives today. What about the roll-out of 5G, that makes a faster data traffic possible. An action without proper examination of the consequences for our health. An action without any participation from us, the citizens. Is the government serving our interest, or other interests? What else can we expect? If you think about it long enough, our life turns into a real nightmare...

How can we deal with these threats? Are we lost, or not? Can we take advantage of it? Answers to these questions will become clear by looking at the bigger picture, by looking from a higher perspective at the current developments. In this article I will give it a try.

Learning from life
Life is a journey full of experiences, meant to learn from the events in our lives. Those who know this, those who are conscious and open minded, can become wise, powerful and loving. The events in our lives are not coincidences, they are well prepared and meant to happen.

Our soul draws up a curriculum for every life on earth. This states exactly what needs to be done, what life lessons are needed. But God has also drawn up a curriculum; a plan for our total journey: the journey from the unity source to the duality on earth and back again. Every event is designed in advance, nothing is left to chance. The question is how recent developments fit into this huge divine curriculum?

We are now experiencing the end of time. We have finished our life lessons in the 3rd dimension, the sphere of opposites and struggles: duality. We may close this phase full of severe trials and start preparing ourselves for new challenges in the higher dimensions. Where other lessons are waiting, more spiritual lessons. 

To understand our current situation, including the Corona virus and 5G, we have to look at how we got into this, how we got into the 3rd dimension a long time ago.

The bigger picture
With the Big Bang our soul left the divine source. The unity and harmony in the source were exchanged for challenges of all shapes and sizes. We slowly descended into the dimensions. The energy vibration became lower, the shape more solid, the contradictions greater, the lessons heavier. Painful events led to a further removal from the source.

The emptiness in 5D
As we decended, we passed the 5th dimension: the atmosphere of emptiness. Just before we enter the void, we pulled our hand out of the hand of God. We start blaming him for all the painful troubles in our lives. By withdrawing our hand the connection was gone. There was nothing left, but darkness, fear and ignorance. We got scared, terrified. There was no God, no love, no light, no guidance, no flow.

Our ego and lower self
We tried to survive the sphere of darkness and fear by building a control mechanism: our ego. And in the absence of God's will, we began to develop our own human will. Our lower self was born: the creator of a world full of contradictions and struggles. By beating others, we try to survive, by praising ourselves, we try to gain attention and appreciation. With this behaviour we tried to fill the void that God had left in us. What is the higher purpose of this all? Thanks to the harsh world we created with our lower self, we were able to develop our emotional side. This is impossible in the light and love of the higher spheres.

Turning point in time
Now that we have had enough emotional lessons in duality, we can prepare ourselves for new lives in higher spheres. We have reached the turning point in time. The long journey back up to the divine source is waiting for us. This will not happen by itself, it's not a present, it's not done by somebody else. We have to do it by ourselves. This is life, a great journey full of experiences, one big opportunity to develop our human and divine skills.

To be able to ascend to the higher dimensions, we have dismantle our lower self: our control mechanism and human will. This does not happen by itself, it requires drastic events, including the spread of the Corona virus and the rollout of 5G ...

From 3D to 4D to 5D
In recent years Mother Earth has shifted from 3D to 4D. We start healing large parts of ourselves. We remembered the spiritual side of the infinit life and the existence of our wise, powerful and loving soul. The more we got rid of old beliefs and pain, the stronger the power of our heart became, the tighter we could bond with our soul.

At the beginning of the year 2020, Mother Earth has shifted to 5D. According to many, the dimension where we can profit from the sweet benefits of reunification with our soul. The dimension of flow and abundance, of love and harmony, of magic and miracles. Time to say goodbye to the dark forces that have been misleading us for a long time. Time to greet the representatives of other star nations, to build together a new life in love and harmony.

But why Corona and 5G? How do they fit into this beautiful picture? 

I firmly believe that 5D is not the dimension where we start a blissful life in light and love. 5D is the void, where we once build an ego and will, where we now can say goodbye to these lower human aspects. 

The void is necessary to give our divine self the space for a resurrection. Just as Jesus had to be crucified in order to step into his body of light...

The Corona virus and 5G radiation help us to dismantle our lower self. How does this work? What does the virus do and what does 5G do? 

Fear for being infected
When we look at the Corona virus from a lower perspective, we feel fear. Do we get infected, do we get sick, do we die? When fear bubbles up, we can go either way. Everyone has to make a decision. 

  1. You can get entangled in a web of fear, stimulated by the authorities. Those who fall into this trap, break down their mental and physical health. You become susceptible to diseases, you can even die. Fear undermins our health.
  2. But you can also transform your fear into confidence. Those who are able to do this, will give their mental and physical health a huge boost. They eventually become immune to the outside threat. 

Transforming fear into confidence
The crucial question is: how can we transform our fear into confidence? Take all restrictive measures seriously. Rest and take time to reflect. Think about yourself, your own life and the big life. Let fear bubble up and express it. Shout, cry, pray! Ask the light forces, who are always with you, for help. If you express fear, they can take it away from you. If you suppress fear, they cannot help you. So heal yourself!

Fear for radiation
And in the meantime new 5G antennas are being placed everywhere: the roll-out of the 5th generation electromagnetic radiation. Is our physical and energetic body resistant to these high doses of radiation? No, it makes us weak and sick. We will become apathetic and even more susceptible to life-threatening diseases.

With 5G the dark power wants to break our human will. Turning us into powerless sheeps, always listening to the will of the authorities. It's all part of their endgame: gaining absolute power on Earth. 

This image is a nightmare when viewed from a lower human perspective. But what if we climb the ladder and view the threats from a higher perspective, from the divine perspective of the soul? Is it still a nightmare or is there any hope?

When we use the Corona chaos to release fear from our system, we travel easier through the tunnel of emptiness. Use the regained sense of confidence to guide you through this difficult period. A time in which little or nothing comes out of our hands, in which we seem to be surrendered to others, a time we simply have to wait for the return of our soul.

Those who stay in confidence will remain in the void for a relatively short time. Those who go to battle, faces a complete drama. Those who place their fate in the hands of the power outside themselves, will have to face the challenge again later.

5G is meant to get us into the void
The void is is the atmosphere where we can give up our ego and human will. We will never do this voluntarily, so draconian measures are needed. 5G will open the way for the divine will. But how? We can go three ways:

  1. We can ignore everything and hope for better times. We put our fate in the hands of the authorities. We don't use the challenge to free ourselves. We are stuck in darkness and fear. We have to wait for a new opportunity to enligthen ourselves.
  2. We can also draw our sword and start fighting the authorities. Out of fear and a feeling of injustice. A fight you cann't win. Why not? It's not the intention to win. We need the void to get rid of our lower self. Beating the dark forces too early will disrupt the divine curriculum.
  3. We can also meet the challenge, make it happen and use the void to say goodbye to our ego and human will. Awareness, trust, resignation and acceptance will help you through this difficult period. Let the void take away your lower self and reunite with your higher self. Let the fire burn your lower self and rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

The end of time
We are now experiencing the end of time. We have the opportunity to say goodbye to the old life in duality. This is not an easy time, the challenges are immense. 

At this moment in time we are standing with one leg in the void. Whoever decides to withdraw his leg will miss the boat to the new life of light and love. Those who have the courage to put their second leg in the void too, can begin with the greatest challenge of all time: say goodbye to your old self, your lower self, the parts you don't need on your way back to the divine source.

Know that your soul is watching you. Know that your soul is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Let it all go! A new life is waiting for you...

In light and love,
Ismael Sananda

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