The birth of Venus

The birth of Venus

In this time of changes the Venus will be born and the feminine energy will return to earth in all her power and diversity. The birth of the Goddess of love marks the beginning of a life in peace and harmony. How can we open ourselves to the feminine energy, in order to become a creator of the new and loving life on earth?

The divine power of creation consists of feminine and masculine energy: Yin and Yang. The receptive female energy is directed inward, the active male energy is directed outwards. This universal creative force flows through all living things, including human beings. The devine energy enables us to create life on earth. When the male and female energies are in balance, we create harmony, when the energies are out of balance, we create disharmony.

To make sure that our soul recieves a wide variety of lessons on earth, the devine energy was intentionally out of balance. Periods of female domination have alternated periods of male domination. Looking at our recent history, we see a life dominated by the male energy. The Goddess within had to cede her place to the God outside. We became competitive and started fighting each other. We also attached more and more value to the loot (money and status), instead of the experience, and our beliefs founded on inner knowledge were exchanged for rational beliefs.

Now that we have experienced male life in all ways, the devine energy is brought back in balance. In recent years the amount of female energy was increased on earth. Due to this increase, typical male bastions started to shake on their foundations. For example our politics based on strength and power and our economy based on competition and greed. At micro level, the increase of female energy forced us to examin our lives. A growing number of people start asking themselves if they are still happy with their lives primarily focused on studying, working, marrying and making money.

At this special moment in time the Venus is born again on earth. This means that the gate is open to a new and harmonious life. Thanks to the huge influx of soft feminine energy, the male bastions will finally collapse. This gives mankind the opportunity to create new institutions based on a balanced mix of male and female principles, institutions founded on equality and solidarity for example.

In order to create harmony, we must bring ourselves in balance first. In other words, the birth of Venus is challenging us to heal our own female and male parts. Take feelings of dissatisfaction with the old life seriously and cherish the desire to change. A major step towards balance is creating peace in our lives. By regularly experiencing peace around us (silence) and in ourselves (relaxation and meditation), we get in touch with our inner world again. Thanks to this renewed contact, we start creating life from the inside. The social norms and values of our societies will no longer determine our lives, but our own wisdom and strength which can be felt inside.

By replacing our attention from the oudside to the inside, our inner knowing will become the guidance of our lives. She takes us by the hand on our path of healing. She shows us our blockages and knows how to heal them. She also gives us the confidence to meet new challenges and she helps us to open our heart and let our love flow again. She knows how to deal with our ego and how to solve oppressive fear in our system. Thanks to our inner knowing we will become warm and social human beings, who are free to enjoy live.

The return of the feminine energy will help us to awake from our earthly sleep. Due to the discovery of a spiritual life behind the physical life, we don't consider ourselves as genetic coincidences any longer. We start seeing ourselves as physical expressions of our inquisitive soul. We will find out that the material world we have created is only an illusion full of false certainties. By saying goodbye to old believes, we open ourselves for new insights and visions. The treasure we find inside consists of a greater awareness and a stronger sense of unity: Christ consciousness. This treasure gives a deeper meaning and purpose to our lives, resulting in an intense feeling of satisfaction and joy.

By replacing our attention to the inside and walking the path of healing, we become balanced and joyful creators of the new, loving and harmonious life on earth. Creators who draw their inspiration from the divine soul that is felt deep inside, who are happy with anything as well as nothing, who don't confuse a state of peaceful being with laziness, passivity or timidity, who freely share their new revenues with others. These people don't judge, condemn and fight others, they emphasize similarities and bring man and women with different cultural and religious backgrounds together.

Now that the gate is open to a new reality, each of us has the opportunity to transform into a loving human being. If we have the courage to open the gate in ourselves, we become creators of the new reality. If we are brave enough to roll away the stone in front of our dark cave, the light will shine on our lives again. We will rediscover our great awareness and sense of unity. We will remember that we are all one and that we all have the same purpose: experiencing life in all ways. Behind the gate we also meet the Goddess, the symbol of feminine energy. She is waiting patiently for the moment to close us in her arms again.

By opening us for her unlimited and unconditional love, we become peaceful creators of the new reality. She gives us the playful energy to put problems into perspective, she gives us the sensuality to challenge ourselves and others, the warm energy to nurture ourselves and others, and the wisdom to see events in the proper context. With her kind help we are able to soften our powerful masculine energy and to release the steam out of our overheated system.

By giving space to the Goddess within, macho's turn into empathic people and clucking chickens into sensitive people. Power-hungry politicians transform into inspiring leaders and greedy money-grubbers into friendly guardians. Old and wise people will open themselves for innovative insights and pundits rediscover their curiosity. People who are desperately struggling with live will learn to go with the flow and enjoy life again. By opening us for the goddess energy, we regain the love for ourselves, for others and for life in common.

The job for the male God outside ourselves is done. He may step down from his heavenly throne and give the scepter of life back to the Goddess in ourselves. By no longer predominate our lives, God can enter into holy matrimony with the Goddess, the marriage which is closed in our heart. Thanks to this marriage, the Christ Child is born in us, the unconditional love force with which we create heaven on earth.

In gratefulness for the God(dess) in me,
Ismaël Sananda

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