Return of the Light

Return of the light

Life on earth is changing. Money and jobs are vanishing, politics is lacking decisiveness, the church is losing credibility and the climate is very fickle these days. Also in our own personal lives major events take place. Who is happy most of the time and who still has blind faith in a prosperious future? What on earth is going on? By distinguishing life in light and life in darkness, we can understand and accept current developments. And by seeing the light, we can profit from it.

What is the difference between life in light and life in darkness? Light is seeing and knowing, in other words, consciousness. Darkness is blindness and ignorance, in other words, unconsciousness. Living in light is knowing that life has a purpose, that everything serves a goal, that life is infinite and that everything originated from the same devine source. Those who are convinced that life is an accidental coincidence, a struggle to survive, a never ending competition or a prison full of strict laws are living in the dark.

People who've seen the light, exchange their interest in material things for a quest for their true nature and purpose in life. They find out that their body is only a temporary expression of the immortal soul. The revenues of their quest are freely shared with others. People captured in the dark, are not aware of the greatness and unity of life. Their limited consciousness is focused on earthly matters, such as their family, work, home, possessions and friends. Due to a strong need to survive, they put their own interests first and use their skills primarily for themselves.

From this perspective we can conclude that the last 2000 years were the darkest years ever on earth. Over time the light on earth has gone out slowly. Our spiritual awareness disappeared in the shadows of the earth and God and heaven were placed outside man. Why did the light disappear, why did we loose our great conciousness and sense of unity? Only when we consider life as a school, we can give a plausible and satisfactory answer to this question. We weren't born by accident, we don't live to suffer or just for fun. Life enables us to experience all kind of events. Thanks to the events we learn to know who we really are. This means that life in darkness gives us the opportunity to discover parts of ourselves, which can't be experienced in the light.

These parts are for instance a physical body, emotions, intellect, ego and personal will. Due to the absence of a strong sense of unity on earth, we feel lonely and abandoned. These feelings triggers our ego and personal will. To attract the attention of others, in order to get their admiration, we come into action each day. We know what we want and we won't rest before we succeed. This need is felt so strongly, that we even start fighting others. In the struggles our emotions are hit; we become angry and sad if we lose, happy and proud if we win. Due to the darkness we create a world full of duality. We don't see the bigger picture, we don't feel responsible for others or life in common, we distrust strangers, argue with dissenters and judge and condemn all day.

Now we're at a point in time that we enter the light again. New events are coming up, because we've had enough experiences in darkness. But where are the first rays of light, how do we know for sure that darkness is disappearing from the earth? When we observe current developments in the context of a greater awareness and sense of unity, we see a great shift. More and more people want to exchange oppressive opinions and lifestyles for inspiring visions and experiences. For instance spiritual magazines and books are well read and spiritual workshops and courses are well visited nowadays.

But the impact of the renewed light on earth is far bigger than the search for inspiring literature and exercises. We feel also a strong need to clean up our lives. Everything that is out of balance, should be changed or left behind. Ignoring these feelings won't help, we become more and more dissatisfied and unhappy. An intriguing example is described by Elizabeth Gilbert in her autobiographical book Eat Pray Love, a book that has become a worldwide bestseller.

We also show a stronger desire to live in freedom, equality and solidarity, the pillars of the recurring sense of unity.Thanks to our increased consciousness, we start seeing the manipulation and deception. We reclaim honesty and respect and demand equal rights and opportunities. In addition, the fear of death, which enslaved us for centuries, dissolved in light. This ball started to roll in the Middle East and won't stop before the entire earth is enlightened.

Thanks to the renewed light, it's impossible to hide criminal activities anymore. Nothing remains unseen, everything comes to the surface. The media are reporting on cases of deceit and deception on a daily basis. Crime doesn't pay anylonger. This massive cleaning gives offenders and victims the opportunity to come in terms with themselves and eachother.

Old institutions, created in the centuries of darkness, are shaking on their foundations right now. For example politics, business and church. Political decisiveness is stagnating, the economy is lying at the money infuse and the church has lost credibility. These institutions, build on dualistic principles, won't fit in the upcoming era of harmony. The new politics is based on cooperation, the new economy on equality and the new faith on freedom.

Finally, the earth itself. The planet on which we reside is a living being. The large number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and floods are part of her cleanup, so the earth can return into the light also.

Life today, full of dramatic events, forces us to broaden our views. Old visions give insufficient answers to new discoveries, old recipes don't work anymore. New visions must be developed and new recipes should be tested. But how can we go with the universal flow and embrace the light? By seeing the light, we can profit from it, by embodying it we become creators of the new and harmonious world. If we wish to shine, we first have to realize that we're responsible for life on earth, that we create life with the choices we make. Life is not a coincidence, but an expression of our thoughts and actions. To become a loving person, we have to focus totally on ourselves and clean up the darkness within ourselves.

Now we've experienced darkness and duality enough, our human parts may take a step back. But how can we let them vanish into the light? Our life full of contradictions and struggles will continue as long as we're guided by our turbulent emotions, limited rational beliefs, endless desires and competitive drive. By healing these aspects, their impact on our lives will shrink. We're not our emotions, intellect, ego and personal will, we are an temporary expression of our wise and loving soul. The discovery of heaven is the way to a peaceful life, the revelation of a spiritual life will lead us to a harmonious paradise. Embrace God and Goddess within and heaven will descend on earth.

The earth is flooded with light and the road to peace and harmony is open. We can benefit fully from it by clearing all the blockades in ourselves. First of all we need the courage to look intensively into the mirror and recognize our dark parts, like superiority, greed, jealousy, grief, addictions, inferiority, et cetera. Next we must feel the need to change. It's not a mental concept, hoping to survive and benefit from it. It's a strong and pure desire that is felt deep inside. Finally we should open our heart and heal the parts of ourselves that have taken the lead in our earthly life: emotions, intellect, ego and personal will.

First our emotional blockades, like unresolved fear, sadness and anger from our early years or former lives. By hiding them out of shame or fear, we got sick, by healing them in love we regain our health and balance. We heal them by expressing stuck emotions and by forgiving the offenders. This is the time to heal old trauma's, thanks to the shocking events on earth and in our personal lives.

How do we heal the content of our head? Our thoughts are being fed by what we see, read, hear, etc. By opening us for spiritual information and experiences, spirituality becomes part of our daily consciousness.

Meditation is a very succesful tool for breaking down our ego. In a state of deep relaxation and meditation we reconnect with our soul, the gatekeeper of feelings of oneness.

Finally, our personal will. By following our intuition and going with the flow, we start experiencing life as a friend, which we can trust, even in bad times. At the moment we surrender completely to life, by accepting what is and what isn't, we exchange our personal will into the will of God.

After a long time of darkness we can see the light of a new era at the horizon. Those who open their eyes and respond to the wake up call, will become creators of a life in love and harmony. Those who refuse to change their attitude will continue their journey through the night and wake up later. It's not a matter of good or bad, every human being plans his own route of life. Everything is good as it is, everything goes as it goes.

In infinite love for God's creation,
Ismaël Sananda

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