Reactions to the activations 


What a fantastic experience!! I got a very warm feeling in my belly .... my hands went there. I could literally feel the warmth ... Then I felt a lot of intense sorrow .... I sobbed like a child sobs when she has a lot has grief ... Then it was quiet for a while ... then I got chills .... and again warm .... especially my heart felt beating ..... the shivers came in waves .. like ebb and flow .. Now I am typing this message to you with a smile and super relaxed .... Thank you ... for everything !!! All love!!


The message impresses me a lot .... the sadness I felt during the healing ... that's absolutely right. At the age of 17 I lost my best friend due to an accident. I have never coped with this grief and have been carrying it with me for 23 years. For example, there have been several moments in my childhood and youth that have hurt me enormously and got stuck in me ... I am very impressed and feel greatly strengthened at the same time. Finally ..... an opening .... that's how I feel it inside. Thanks !!! All love!


May I thank you for the session. I found it very pleasant, and I can confidently move forward! These words were a nice ending. Thanks again, and see you soon! Dear greetings, Susanne


I have listened to your message and am very impressed. Then let my husband listen. The dip: all nonsense stories, many repetitions, that's how I can do it too. Good, must recover from something beautiful, which is immediately buried into the ground. Connie


Thank you for your message ... in worldly words it is strange to state what I felt with it, I think you understand why. But I try anyway. It was as if I was seen, noticed by the light beings ... I have felt abandoned all my life and I don't know who. I have sought God, the Angels, you name it, but I kept feeling alone. With me it is not seeing and then believing, I just wanted to feel, hear, experience the contact. And that happened a few times, but only slightly. Until I almost didn't believe in it anymore. To your message from just now. I know from my soul that this is also the side where I have to go, but that road will unfold automatically. Anyway, I'm going to delve more into your site and story, I think that's a good start. Thank you for doing this for me, I only wanted to send you this email tonight but I felt, or it was told to me through my feeling, that earlier, that I had to do it now. Sorry if my words are not clear, my feeling is all the clearer and stronger. You helped me. what remains in my life now that is not right I know ... and I will ask for the strength to let that go, because there will be a lot of strength involved. Why I suddenly have to cry I don't know ... but the feeling is suddenly so strong. In any case, thank you Luna. You are a beautiful soul and your soul mate too. Thank you so much Angelique


Hi Dear Luna and all dear others from the moods. Thank you for a wonderful home! The love, the light, the security was so nice, felt like a baby in a womb. The message is clear and clear; it now allows me to do here and now. Nice to know that my old small me is about to disappear and that Wilma can appear completely. Finally, this journey is "almost" completed, a new one is waiting; a new beginning! I am looking forward to it, feel the confidence and believe that I can take it on. Thank you again, dear soul siren. I wish you a very nice continuation of you / your journey and who knows, our roads will cross again ... Inshallah! Love, Wilma


Thank you for the reading. It was surprising that I received this information. And I found it very striking. Funny that I really don't get any info about that man. I can feel things very well, but in this case they leave me in the dark. I just let it go. My heart knows the truth. Maybe that is also the lesson that I have to learn, trust in the heart. I certainly felt the heart activation, everything suddenly became very quiet in me. Wonderful experience. Thank you so much and maybe until another time. Much love, Roos


Just listened to the reading and experienced.. what a special reading / healing .... it has given me a lot of clarity and go with full confidence with the Divine plan .... felt so much love and light ... so beautiful ...thank you !!! ..All love xxx Henny


Yesterday afternoon gave me a very good feeling, a lot of heavy weight fell off my shoulders. I became light and felt completely at peace, loving ... Even my partner who came home afterwards said that there was a very peaceful atmosphere, while I had not told him that I would do a healing.  Annette.


Thank you so much for this healing. I felt a lot in the form of warmth, difference in pressure level etc. For me the half hour has flown by and suddenly I am awake, with eyes wide open in bed with clearly the word "ready". Everything falls into place. I feel really different now, calm and that nice feeling stays in my stomach now that the heat is no longer as strong as yesterday. I am very happy. Now I know for sure that I can continue to work on myself. Thank you again. Love Trienke


Wow, it was a special experience today. I have experienced so much love and light. Magnificent. The loving light beings have worked hard on me. I have felt it in my right hand, stomach, chest, lower abdomen, legs, feet and my head. I feel so serene, peaceful and light tingling through my body. Luna thank you very much for the loving energy and for meeting you on my path. LOVE PEACE AND HARMONY Wendy


Hello dear Luna, I experienced the activation. What a beautiful energy and how good! It is absolutely true. I feel so greatly helped by you and the beautiful beings of the light ... thank you ... Everything came loose during the activation and the tears ran down my cheeks .... wonderful prospect to the new world to be allowed to work .... NOW .... 'by chance' I came to your site !! ... was sent:) .... May I mail again in due course for a new healing / reading? .. .. Particularly beautiful .... wish you all the light and love ... All love, Henny