Journey of the Soul

The exciting journey of our soul

A long, long time ago our soul departed from the Divine source. By experiencing life in all forms, the soul becomes wiser and stronger. After she has experienced all aspects of life, she will return in the Divine source, to enrich the source with all her experiences. The creation of life isn't a fixed given, it's alive and growing each day.

By experiencing life in all forms the soul will become aware of her endless possibilities. This proces is called self-realization. As beings of light we learn in the higher spheres or dimensions, as physical beings we learn in the lower spheres. We learn by experiencing, by meeting the challenges life offers us. By hiding and relying on old recipes our development will stagnate, by moving around and searching for new solutions we grow.

We are more than a body with brains, we are spiritual beings in a temporary physical body. The memory of life in the higher spheres fades slowly but surely after we're born on earth. Despite the age of the soul, the memory of the heavenly spheres solves as soon as we open our eyes on earth. But it's possible to wake up the memory here and now, we can recall our true nature anytime we want. We discover this big secret of life by taking responsibility for our lives and start searching for the deeper meaning of it.

What is striking about life on earth? Mother Earth is a planet in the lower spheres where our soul is able to experience life in duality. After opening our eyes, we see a life full of contradictions. This is pleasant, this isn't pleasant, I'm able to do this, I'm not able to do that. Already in our childhood we learn to judge in right and wrong and begin to label everyone and everything. Thanks to our free will, we make choices every minute of the day, choices that reinforce contradictions or weaken them.

Dealing with contradictions, with right and wrong, is one of the major challenges we have to deal with on earth. In our youth we learn to differentiate, in our later years we learn to unite. At first we have to experience what suites us, later we have to learn to cooperate with people with different qualities. An example: after you've found out whether you want to be an architect, a contracter or rather a builder, you can seek others who are willing and capable to help you building houses. Thanks to this understanding contradictions become complements. Compare life with white light; it is a wonderful combination of all colors.

By stopping our automatic judging-machine, we give room to our soul in our life on earth. Be aware of the contradictions, but don't judge and condemn them. Realize that right isn't always right and wrong isn't always wrong. Doesn't our point of view rely on the place we were born once? Aren't our assumptions influenced by the joyful and sad events in our lives? Aren't we sometimes sweet, and sometimes a bit mean?

If we want to connect with our soul on earth, we have to overcome the contradictions in our lives. We will only succeed by tackling the source of our judging behavior: the ego. The ego is causing a lot of disturbances in our life. Where does this 'troublemaker' come from? Not only the sweet memory of life in the higher spheres is lost on earth, we also lack a deep sense of unity and solidarity. Our soul knows that everything comes from the one divine source, our brains doubt the excistence of the devine and is often suspicious to others. By lacking warm feelings of unity we feel lonely on earth. This loneliness is the breeding ground for our ego.

In an attemp to get rid of the horrible feelings of loneliness on earth we come into action each day. We do our very best to be noticed and appreciated by others. If we're successful, we have a tremendous ego, if we fail we have a pitiful ego. Thanks to our ego, we become greedy, jealous, mean, dominant, submissive, pathetic, unpredictable, arrogant, et cetera. See the world we live in, a world full of contradictions, conflicts and battles which our ego creates most of the time.

Calling for peace is pointless, pointing to others too. Only finding peace in ourselves makes sense. But how can we tackle our competative ego and put our peaceful soul behind the wheel of our life? The road to our soul leads through the heart, the source of love. Speak out the intention to spread love and the gateway to the soul will be opened. Reply with love on the events in life and the soul comes alive. Don't condemn differences, bring them together in love.

Being love is living in the light of the soul. But what is love? It has nothing to do with glorifying others or sacrisfying ourselves. Love is living without judgment, is always speaking the truth, is treating others the way we want to be treated ourselves. Love is boundless giving and limitless receiving. It always flows both ways. Open your heart and give, open your heart and recieve.

But how can we open our hearts in God's name? We're so afraid of being hurt in this harsh world, we're so vulnerable. We're able to do this by one condition: to feel the love for yourself. This is another big challenge we face on earth: finding the love for ourselves. Learn to see how beautiful you really are by accepting your so-called failures. Someone whith a healty portion of self-love and self-value stands strong and isn't influenced by the judgement of others. This person doesn't need a mask to hide his true self, or tricks to attract the attention of others.

How can we be satisfied with ourselves? Not by polishing our ego. Driving around in expencive cars or taking a new haircut won't work. When the neighbour has a bigger car, or a more beautiful hairstyle, our happiness melts like snow in the sun. Deep and long during satisfaction isn't found in lifestyles, it's a consequence of self-knowledge. In knowing who we really are and why we're here on earth. In other words, real satisfaction results from contact with our soul.

Life gives our soul the experiences she wants, experiences needed to grow in wisdom and strength. Our soul stores all these experiences. This makes her the guardian of our wisdom, she knows who we really are. She knows also our qualities. This makes her the guardian of our strength. And together with our heart she guards our love. When we reconnect with our soul, we're able to practise our wisdom and strength in a loving way.

Before our soul reincarnates on earth, she makes a life plan. She decides what she wants to experience in this life and what she wants to contribute to life on earth. To be able to accomplish this, she brings the proper skills with her to earth. After we're born, we receive our self chosen life lessons. Due to the lessons we start using our skills in a proper way. This is an important statement, because we can built beautiful things or break things down in our life. To care for others is good, but never been cared for yourself is not good. To love others is good, but never been loved yourself is not good. If our life isn't in harmony, we get disappointed in the people surrounding us us and in life itself.

Painful lessons are necesarry to make us aware of the proper use of our qualities. If we understand our life lessons and use our qualities in a balanced way, we contribute to a heavenly life on earth, a life of liberty, equality and fraternity. We start creating an atmosphere in which each individual gets the oppertunity to contribute his qualities to the whole. How big or small the contribution might be, everything is okay. We build a heaven on earth when we seek the deeper meaning of life, stop judging others and find the courage to open our hearts. Know that nothing will happen in our life without the improvement of the soul. Everything serves a purpose, everything is good as it is.

So painful lessons are necessary for a proper use of the qualities we've brought with us to earth. A fictitious example: Thanks to my authoritarian father, who has abused his authority to keep me under his thumb (= painful experience), I know how to use my authority (= quality). My workshops are characterized by a clear structure in which everyone can flourish (= correct use of the inherited quality). During my training as a therapist I got this important insight. Therefore I could forgive my father for the painful lessons in my youth. By forgiving him my heart opened even more.

The soul speaks to us, but her voice is lost in the noise of everyday life. By regulary taking a serious break, we can hear her whisper about the way to a happy and inspired life. Her voice is inside us, it's our intuition, our inner knowing, the voice of our heart. She speaks through our pure feelings. An overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction means that we've lost our way, a predominant feeling of joy and satisfaction means that we walk the chosen path of the soul.

The soul awakes by opening our heart. Our life becomes inspired by meditating and following our intuition. We're no longer guided by our ego, we're no longer victims of our unpredictable emotions, negative thoughts or physical discomforts. The loving voice of our soul is waiting to be heard. Slow down and listen to the silence of the heart. Find the courage to enter the great unknown within, there is a exciting treasure to discover. Find your balance, learn to communicate with your soul and start building a heaven on earth.

How can we hear the voice of our soul in this shocking world? Disorder in our lives is caused for instance by emotional blockades. These blockades arise when we hold back our emotions. Wounds from the past are still waiting to be healed. As long as we don't cure old wounds, from our early days or previous lives, disruptive events will mark our lives. How strong, old and wise we may be, inside us still lives that little girl or boy who wants to be hugged. Get rid of old sadness, anger and pain and feel the love for your inner child.

How can we hear the voice of our soul in this hard world? Disorder in our lives is caused for instance by painful signals of our body. She tells us exactly what she likes and dislikes. She is waiting for the moment that we respond to her signals. Deep down inside we know what causes our physical complaints. It is time to take responsibility for our well-being and tackle the causes of our discomfort. Take good care of your body, love it, with or without muscles, with or without wrinkles.

How can we hear the voice of our soul in this busy world? Disorder in our lives is caused for instance by the flow of negative thoughts in our head. Our thoughts are the result of what we see, hear, read, et cetera. Bad news causes negative thoughts, good news positive thoughts. Space for our intuition arises when we create peace and silence in our heads. Loving and inspirational thoughts come from the deep unknown inside, the place where life isn't a battle, but a holy dance.

Life on earth has come to a major turning point in time. This generation of souls has recieved enough lessons in duality. Therefore life as we know it, with sharp contrasts, conflicts and material temptations, will soon come to an end. Our souls desire new lessons, more subtle and spiritual experiences. This is the time of a huge transition, a transition from the old life to a new life, a life without war, pollution, inequality and poverty. Each day more people feel the need to change their lives and start opening their hearts. These persons will create a harmonious life in which love flows both ways.

This harmonious way of living isn't a pressent which we receive automaticly one day. By seeing life as a school, we know how heaven will appear on earth. We have to roll up our sleeves and start healing ourselves. Don't hide unhappy feelings, but tackle the source. Make room for the soul by sacrificing old knowledge, attitudes and behavior. Open yourself to a life that's bigger than your imagination, that's more beautiful than your wildest dreams. This is the big challenge for everybody on earth right now.

If love is our intention, we can hear her song of peace. If we enter the silence, we can hear her sing about a new time, a time of love and harmony. By awakening our soul a new way of living will be born. This secret isn't a rational concept, it's beyond our understandings. Our soul is revealing this secret only through our feelings. If my message makes you feel good, your soul is awakening and the road to a new and peaceful era is open for you.

And together we will go through the gate ... in light and in love.

Ismaël Sananda

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