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Please help us setting up New Age Projects!

In order to carry out our mission (helping people make the transition from the old life to the new life), we do need money. How great this contradiction is, but unfortunately money on the old earth is still a necessity. We would really appreciate it if you would support us through a donation. We will use this for setting up New Age Projects, based on new principles from the heart. For example to innovative the education of children. We also want to set up a platform, to bring together all people with new ideas. We are in this together, we do it together. 

"I have read what the purpose of the donations is and I fully endorse it. I have also been deeply impressed by the strength and courage that you have. To continue after all that you have experienced. I am sure you commitment and message will touch many. That is why I make a donation to you with love. With a cordial greeting, H. " 

Thank you for your support!