Agenda Activation Circles

Powerful Energy Transmissions we do together

(for an explanation, see the bottom of this page or here)

Direct aanmelden:


Volle maan maandag 9 maart

Nieuwe maan dinsdag 24 maart

Maria Magdalena Activatie 

 Basis Activatie 


Volle maan dinsdag 7 april

Nieuwe maan woensdag 22 april

Derde oog Activatie 

Zonnevlecht Activatie 


Volle maan donderdag 7 mei

Nieuwe maan vrijdag 22 mei

Kruin Activatie 

Meesterschaps Activatie 


Volle maan vrijdag 5 juni

Nieuwe maan zondag 21 juni

Maria Magdalena Activatie 

Basis Activatie

  • 20.30 uur: We starten met de gratis Hart Activatie. Die kun je eenvoudig downloaden ↓
  • 21.00 uur: We doen een van de ingeplande Activaties. Je hoeft je alleen voor deze Activatie aan te melden.

Powerful Energy Transmissions

An Activation is an mp3 file with silence, in which the specific activation is recorded energetically. When you play the file, you get the activation in the same way as when it is passed on personally. Just try it!

The first few days after the Activation you may be tired or have a headache. You can also suffer from a short temper. Keep this in mind. Drink plenty of water and ensure adequate rest. Give your body the chance to adjust to the higher energy.

We received the Activations from the light masters in the spheres. They are powerful energy transmissions, intended to activate your chakras (further). Because we (Luna and Ismaël) have gone through a process of demolition and emptiness in the past 10 years (see vision), we can pass on the energy in a pure way.

Audio Activations

The Activations are available as MP3 in the form of energized silence. They are easy to play on your computer, telephone or tablet. Know: you don't hear anything, it's all about the energy.

Each Activation takes approximately 10 minutes. It starts with a bell and ends with a bell.