About us

Who is Luna Magdalena...

My name is Luna Magdalena. This is not my real name, it is the name that I received from my soul and that I wear since 2008. I was born and raised in the north of the Netherlands (Groningen). After studying Commercial Economics, I got married and worked for many years as a consultant. I had three children and everything went smoothly. Until the moment I visit a natural healer (1997). She opened my eyes and I awoke ...

A long search for my true self started, a journey full of healing of old beliefs and pain. I read many books and followed many courses in the field of Reiki, Channeling, Meditation, Intuitive massage, Tantra and Reading and Healing. Each book and course was a step further in my healing process. 

I started my own spiritual practice (2003), which run very well. I gave initiations Shambhala Reiki and Magnified Healing, Feng Shui workshops, consultations and lectures and medium consultations. I also helped real estate agents selling houses by giving their houes an energy  refreshing (house healing).  With my husband and three children I lived in a nice big house in the country, I was happy and had my life in order.

But there was the day that I met my twin flame, Ismaël (2006). Totally unexpected. From that day, nothing stayed the same in my life.  The storm that raged through my life was so powerful, that I could not help but surrender to what was happening. I had to let go of all the strings, all the certainties, all the ideas about my life and the future. 

An intense period of healing and destruction followed. It was a total breakdown of our being. Nothing of our old life survived: no more ego, no more human desires, no more personal will. The love we felt for each other kept us a life. 

Did I want this, did I visualize this as a person? No, it was meant to create maximum space for my soul. In these 10 years my soul toke over my life completely. It is no longer my will but the will of my soul that will be done, she is in charge now. 

Who is my twin flame?

My name is Ismaël Sananda. This is not my usual name but the name that I received from my soul. I grew up as a child in the busy west of the Netherlands, in a normal family. After high school I went to study Political Science, because I was interested in politics from an early age. I felt very involved in everything that happened in the world.

This all changed with the 9/11 attacks. My life was turned upside down at once. The shock made me wake up from my earthly sleep. A long journey of searching and healing began. Halfway through my journey I met Luna, my twin soul. Once again my life was turned upside down. I lost everything I was attached to. Nothing survived in the years of storm that raged in our lives. No fixed income, numerous relocations, possessions lost, little contact with loved ones who didn't understand us, etc.

It was waiting for a bright spot, for a spark that would ignite the fire of the soul again, the spark that finally appeared in 2020. Our resurrection could begin ...

Just as New Earth Creation - which we founded together in 2008 - is now Luna's life largely, I am busy setting up a political party in the Netherlands, based on the principles of the new life. If you are interested you can take a look at my dutch website: www.partijvandeliefde.nl. I also wrote a novel about my search for the meaning of life: The way to my soul. It is only available in dutch rightnow. 

Love is not the criterion for a relationship between twin souls, breakdown is. The meeting and fusion between twin souls is so fierce that nothing of the old life remains intact.

It is now 2020 ...

Because there is NOTHING left from our old life, we can now build a new life, based on new principles, new skills, new possibilities and especially based on what our SOUL has in store for us. 

Dear people, a powerful storm is raging over the earth and this storm will also effect your life, if this is not yet the case. Whether you are awake or not, whether or not you are far on your spiritual path. To be able to make the step to a new earth, all your human characteristics and desires will have to be broken down.

We hope you have the courage and the inner urge to go through this tough process too, 

In love, Luna and Ismaël ♥