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Welcome to the website of New Earth Creation, with information about the transformation from the old world to the new world and how you can deal with it as a human being living on earth.

Life on earth changes, do you change too?

A new life will arise from the current chaos on earth. The old life full of tension and struggle will transform into a life full of equality and harmony. Chaos is necessary to bring about the changes: it challenges us to look for new visions about ourselves as human beings and life on earth in general.

From ego to soul

In our vision of life it's all about the soul. The current unrest encourages us to look for the soul, the guardian of our true power, love and wisdom. Just as we shaped the old life from our ego, we are going to create the new life from the soul. Why? The old life no longer makes us happy...

When you take the step from ego to soul, you become co-creator of a new life on earth. We do this by freeing ourselves from old beliefs, old behaviour patterns and unhealed pain.  By healing ourselves we create space for the soul to connect with us and with the new earth. This is the exciting challenge for now...

We are Luna and Ismaël

We are Luna and Ismael from the Netherlands. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of personal development and energy work, we can help you to reconnect with your soul, so that you can transform in a co-creator of the new earth.

On our website you will find information about the changes on earth, but also Activations and Initiations. Everything focused on the big transformation process.

Are you done with feelings of uncertainty and dissatisfaction, with the struggle in and around you? Do you want to flow more with life, full of energy, trust and inspiration, then take a look at our website ...

NEW Reiki course online

give your spiritual development a boost

New (Usui) Reiki is a simple way to transfer healing energy, for yourself and for others. It has no space and time limits, no symbols, hand positions or long alignment processes, such as the traditional Usui Reiki. Thanks to the current high energy on earth, these old tools are no longer needed.

New Reiki is based on the fact that Reiki is "smart energy" and will do whatever it takes, whether we guide it or not. That means that it is no longer our 'I' that determines where the energy goes, but the universe in consultation with the soul. Just open yourself and let it in!

Online Activations

Powerful energy transmissions that we have received


Support us in setting up a Foundation for New Age Projects!

In order to carry out our mission (helping people make the transition from the old life to the new life), we do need money. How great this contradiction is, but unfortunately money on the old earth is still a necessity. We would really appreciate it if you would support us through a donation. We will use it for:

Establishing and implementing New Age Projects, based on new principles from the heart. 

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channeled messages and articles

Geliefde vrienden, een belangrijke tijd is aangebroken: de fase van wakker schudden is voorbij en een nieuwe fase gaat van start. Een fase waarin langzaam maar zeker een scheiding zal plaatsvinden in de mensheid. Het is alsof er in de afgelopen fase flink aan de appelboom is geschud en in de komende fase zullen de 'rotte' appelen van...

De afgelopen jaren is de energie op aarde verhoogd van de 3e naar de 5e dimensie. Ieder mens op aarde is meegegaan in de trilling omhoog. Dit is een onvermijdelijk gevolg en niet afwendbaar. Of de mens nu wil of niet, de energie in ieders systeem is de afgelopen jaren opgehoogd naar de 5e dimensie. Dat betekent dat...

Een openbaring van vrede en liefde
In het bijbelboek Openbaringen beschrijft apostel Johannes het einde der tijden. Vraag is of het einde der tijden op een rampzalige manier zal verlopen of dat de mensheid op een vreedzame en liefdevolle wijze zal overgaan naar een nieuw leven. Onze vrienden van het licht zeggen het volgende hierover:

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NEW EARTH creation

Life on earth changes, do you change too?

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